Monday, March 28, 2005

child marriage

WEBSITE: (Population Council)

-"Child marriage is done without the free or full consent of the child."

-"Only 3% of MARRIED girls 15-19yrs old go to school versus 34% of UNMARRIED girls of the same age in Ethiopia."

-"Child marriage may put girls at increased risk for HIV infection." Why? Married women in general tend to have more unprotected sex. And the older the boy is, the more likely he is to be HIV positive.

-Ethiopia's legal age limit for marriage is 18yrs of age." This is widely ignored.

-Some general statistics: "44% of Ethiopia is under 15yrs of age."

"81% of Ethiopians live on less than $2USD/day."

-"Adolescent mothers tend to be poorer, less educated, and less adequately nourished with greater social disadvantage."

Saturday, March 26, 2005

statistics--Telarge do you feel this is accurate?

Came across this table and was surprised to find that it was so widespread. It seems that this info was gathered in 1998. If true, what is unique about Gambella? Why do they not practice FGM?
Table 1
Prevalence of different Harmful traditional practices (HTP) in different regions of Ethiopia

(in percentages)
Region: FGM/ Milk teeth extraction/Uvulectomy/Soiling umbilical Cord/ Incision
Tigray 48.1 /52.4/ 92.8/ 67.2/ 37.9
Afar 94.5/ 71.7/ 65.7 /60.3/ 38.8
Amhara 81.1 /45.8/ 62.8/ 45.9/ 30.5
Oromiya 79.8/ 28.0/ 48.5/ 70.8/ 11.9
Somali 69.7/ 73.4/ 93.2/ 0.3/ 6.5
Benishangul 52.9/ 23.1/ 26.8/ 82.5/ 32.6
SNNPR 46.3/ 52.3/ 59.8/ 48.3/ 18.1
Gambella 0.0/ 91.1/ 25.4/ 60.4/ 50.0
Harari 81.2/ 36.3/ 70.4/ 44.4/ 4.6
Addis Ababa 70.2/ 17.6/ 42.3/ 21.6/ 4.8
Ethiopia 73.6/ 59.5/ 40.4/ 49.6/ 18.0

Found this table on this site:


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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Welcome to our blog!

Hey guys, here it is. If you don't want to research this way that is totally fine. I am going to just in case anyone else wants to view and respond. I am going to send this link to a few friends who have worked in Ethiopia so that maybe they can give some input.

This is a basic post where we can write what we have found (I will email you the username and password). If you don't want to create a post then you can just write in the "post a comment" section at the bottom of each entry. Email me if you have any questions! Here is a site that I came across. Haven't researched it at all, just wanted to get the ball rolling: